Curious about how we run Eds & Tails Dog Wash? Below you’ll find answers to the questions that our clients often ask. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


How soon can you groom my dog?
As a mobile service we groom a maximum of five dogs a day - far fewer than a salon - and we book up several weeks in advance so you may have to wait a while for an appointment, especially if you want a Saturday or late afternoon, or it's the run up to Christmas. We do operate a cancellation list and will do our utmost to accommodate you, but early booking is best, and many of our regular clients book in advance.


Will you cut my dog really short like the last groomer did?
Not unless we have to. Most groomers don't like clipping dogs to the skin and only do so if the dog is badly matted and uncomfortable. We work within the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and always put humanity before vanity. So if de-matting takes longer than 15 minutes or matts are in an especially uncomfortable place, e.g. behind ears or between legs, the clippers come out. Please note that we won’t clip off your dog without obtaining your permission. We are always happy to show you how to brush and have a range of equipment for sale.


Will parking be a problem?
Our van is a medium wheel base Ford Transit and fits onto most drives, but we are fine to park on the street. We do need to park on the same side of the road as your home, somewhere reasonably level and with no parking restrictions. We have a 25-metre cable and need to plug this into one of your house sockets to power up the van - ideally an outside socket or an extension cable (we have water on board but no generator). Electricity usage for a 2 hour groom is less than £1.


Can I stay with my dog?
Owners are welcome in the van and some dogs are much happier with Mum or Dad there – and, in the case of young pups or older dogs, or those with health issues, we will ask you to stick around. However, some dogs can play up with their owners or pick up on their anxiety, in which case they may do better with just Ed. If you do stay, please bear in mind that the van is very small, the floor can be slippery and our insurance only covers four-legged clients.


What’s included in the price?
Our prices take into account the fact that we are bringing our service to your door. Each groom includes a bath in our hydro-bath with a suitable shampoo and conditioner if needed; hand drying with towels and a high-powered hair dryer; an ear clean and nail clip if needed; and a spritz of doggie cologne. On longer coated dogs we may also tidy up face, feet and bottom. A full groom also includes clipping and scissoring to your specification. We quote our prices ‘from’ so may charge extra if a dog is especially dirty (and needs more shampoo), has fleas or is badly matted (matted fur blunts clipper blades). Please see The Small Print for our de-matting policy. We don't expect dogs to be perfectly behaved but if they're especially awkward to groom, we may have to charge to cover the extra time taken to complete the groom.


How often should my dog be groomed?
Most short-haired dogs can get by with a bath every 3 months. Too many baths can strip the coat of vital oils, so if they roll in something mucky in between, a sluice down with warm water and judicious use of baby wipes should do the trick. Dogs which need clipping are best booked on a regular schedule, e.g. every 2 or 3 months. Some, like bichons and poodles (and some doodles), need more frequent grooms, depending on how fast their coat grows and how much it tangles (and how much time you can spend brushing). Nails need clipping when they hit the floor before the pads do. Usually, a dog with overlong nails has long quicks so we can only take a little off each time (or the quicks can bleed). 


Do you do anal glands?
Unfortunately no. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has stated that expressing anal glands is a medical procedure, and only medically trained persons should do this. So I'm sorry but we don't.


Do you offer flea treatments?
We have shampoo which can kill fleas on a dog's coat but it won't stop more climbing on board, so we recommend that you use a good quality flea treatment from your vet (fleas are immune to some shop-bought ones). If we find fleas on your dog, we may have to charge extra to cover the costs of flea shampoo and/or flea bombing our van (so the next client doesn’t catch them). If you are planning to use a spot-on flea treatment then we need to leave at least 4 days between application and bathing or vice versa. Bathing can make a dog's skin more porous so it needs time to settle before the flea treatment goes on.


Why do you charge a cancellation fee?
Stuff happens and you cannot always keep an appointment, and we understand that. But we do ask you to give us at least 24 hours' notice if possible, so we can fill your slot. Last minute cancellations leave us no time to contact other clients who may be waiting for an appointment and if we're not grooming, we're not earning. So if a client cancels at short notice more than once, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee and/or a deposit before booking another groom.


Do you accept credit cards?
We don't (as yet) have a card reader, so prefer cash or payment by bank transfer, or PayPal. If paying by PayPal please use the 'friends and family' option. Our PayPal address is xxxxxxxxxx


Why does my dog’s haircut cost more than mine?
Your dog has more hair than you, so washing, drying and cutting it takes longer. And you aren't going to shake water all over your hairdresser, or howl when they turn the dryer on, or do an Irish jig when they try to file your nails, or poop on their chair, or nibble them... at least we hope not! Dog grooming isn't just about cuddling up to cute dogs; it's also about wrestling with manic mastiffs, negotiating with cautious collies and dodging the teeth of tenacious terriers. It's physically demanding and mentally challenging - and our prices reflect that. But we wouldn't have it any other way!

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