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At Eds &Tails Dog Wash, we cater to all dogs great and small, from big hairy German Shepherds down to tiny Yorkies, and just about everything in between. We offer 3 grooming options, which are tailored to coat type, age

and the needs of your dog.

Full Groom - This option is the full Monty, and includes bath, hand drying (we don’t use crate dryers), and cutting (with clippers and scissors) to your specification – breed standard if possible or to your preference. All grooms include an ear clean and nail clip if needed and a spritz of doggie cologne. Prices start from £38 for small to medium breeds, e.g. a Shih Tzu or Schnauzer or from £40 for woolly coated breeds, e.g. Bichons and Cockerpoos. We don't publish a price list because there are too many breeds (and crossbreeds) to list, but will always quote on request. If a dog is especially mucky, matted, has fleas or is very uncooperative, we may have to charge extra.


Bath, Brush & Tidy Up - For shorter-haired dogs, this includes a bath, followed by a de-shed with our blaster dryer and grooming tools to remove as much loose hair as possible. We can also tidy up faces, feet and tails. Prices start from £30.


Puppy Groom - We start puppies off gently with a bath and towel dry (plus our dryer if they can cope with it), a tidy up of face, ears, paws and bottom, and a brush through and nail clip if needed. We only do as much as the puppy can cope with and it's all about making the grooming process comfortable... and fun! Pups don't naturally stand for grooming, they have to be taught and if they learn early on that grooming is A Good Thing, it'll be easier to care for their coat at home. Prices start from £25 - and Ed is happy to give tips on home grooming, too.


Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning - copy to follow


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