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Services & Charges
At Eds & Tails Dog Wash, we do our best to groom your dog to meet your full expectations, but cannot guarantee this. Every dog is different, and the end result depends on such factors as coat length, condition and behaviour. Our charges are based on the coat, its condition, the size and needs of each individual dog, and we reserve the right to charge extra to groom a dog that is excessively dirty, matted or infested with parasites, to cover the costs of shampoos, extra time required, fumigation and damage to blades. If a groom has to be stopped for any reason, e.g. aggression, health issues, we reserve the right to charge the full fee. As a mobile service we groom a limited number of dogs a day and work within a 10 mile radius of Nelson (BB9). If we groom further afield we may need to charge mileage. Payment is due on completion of groom and we accept cashor bank transfer (sorry, but we cannot accept cards).


Cancellation Policy
We groom no more than 5 dogs a day so last-minute cancellations hit us hard. We will contact you to reconfirm your appointment 48 hours beforehand - please reply to our message as we only travel out to clients who reconfirm. Please give us a minimum 24 hours’ notice to cancel – Tuesday grooms must be cancelled by 4.30pm Sat as we close Sun and Mon. Cancellations received within 24 hours on an appointment (or after you have reconfirmed) incur a £25 cancellation fee. Doorstep cancellations are charged in full. These charges are payable before we can rebook a groom.


Health, Safety & Animal Welfare
Eds & Tails Dog Wash follows guidelines laid down by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to ensure your dog doesn’t suffer discomfort or distress during grooming. We ensure that your dog is kept secure and has breaks as needed. If a dog is aged over 12 or has a chronic health condition, we ask that someone is nearby during the groom. All grooms include a basic health check (ears, eyes, teeth, skin, paws. lumps and bumps), but owners must inform us of pre-existing ailments, allergies, infections or skin conditions before the groom. Please advise us if your pet has recently suffered from, or been treated for, fleas, ticks or other parasites – or has shown symptoms of kennel cough. If we discover anything which may affect your pet’s health or our ability to groom, we will inform you immediately; in some cases, we may stop and advise that the dog see a vet. Pleae tell us about behavioural issues which may affect our ability to groom. We reserve the right to use a muzzle or other restraints, and will not groom dogs that are openly aggressive. We cannot be

held liable for any mishap which occurs during a groom if it occurs wholly or partly as a result of non-disclosure of health or

behavioural issues.


De-matting Policy
Matts hurt. They can damage the skin and lead to sores, abrasions and infections. We will try to brush out small matts, but if removing them is likely to take longer than 15 minutes, or if they are in a sensitive area, e.g. between the legs, we will clip them off instead. In some cases, e.g. if the dog’s coat is impacted or matted all over, we may have to clip it off completely. if we clip off your dog, we may not bath them - it depends on how well they cope with the clip and the condition of their skin - but our full fee will apply, togther with any clip-off surcharge. Clipping off a last resort and is done purely in the interests of the dog’s health and comfort. It may mean that your dog looks different from its usual style. It may reveal patches of irritation and redness which can be both a consequence of matted fur and the clipping needed to remove it. Some dogs appear itchy and over excited, others are quieter than normal; this is a temporary reaction. We always seek your consent before fully clipping off your dog.

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