A clean, happy dog, groomed at your home or workplace in our state-of-the-art van

No mess ... no stress!

Dogs are more than just, well... dogs at Eds & Tails Dog Wash – they are our VIP clients. We aim to provide them with the most stress-free grooming service possible. Whether your dog needs a bath and brush or a full groom, it's all done in our fully-equipped, heated mobile salon, on your doorstep, at a time that suits you. All our canine clients receive one-to-one attention - no waiting around in a crate getting wound up - with treats and breaks if needed. So you get back a clean and happy dog.

about us

We are Erden and Robbi Atilgan and we have been running Eds & Tails Dog Wash in Pendle since June 2013. If you're curious about the name, Erden is Turkish but his English name is 'Ed'. Ed grooms, while Robbi (aka "the tail") manages the business.


Ed trained with All Breeds Grooming Academy in the West Midlands and holds a City & Guilds qualification and is fully insured to groom your dog. Robbi has extensive customer service experience. She assists Ed with larger dogs and offers an ultrasound teeth-cleaning service as well. 


The Eds van operates in a 10-mile radius of Nelson (BB9) - roughly Barnoldswick to Rishton. Prices are based on distance and time, and the average groom costs £45. We groom no more than 5 dogs a day so your pets get our undivided attention.


As groomers, Eds & Tails follows guidelines laid down by the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Our motto is "humanity over vanity" - we want your dogs to look good, but it's how they feel that matters most to us, so we try to make grooming as stress-free as possible.


We specialise in older dogs, dogs that get anxious in salons and dogs that need some extra TLC - we have an open-door policy so you can watch us grooming your dog. And our set up is perfect for owners who, for whatever reason, cannot get to a salon.


our services


At Eds &Tails Dog Wash, we cater to a wide range of dogs. We offer several grooming options, which are tailored to the size, coat type, age and the needs of your dog.

Full Groom - This option is the full Monty, and includes bath, hand drying (we don’t use crates), and cutting (with clippers and scissors) to your specification – breed standard where possible or to your preference. All grooms include an ear clean and nail clip if needed and a spritz of doggie cologne. Prices start from £42 for small/medium breeds, e.g. Miniature Schnauzer or from £45 for woolly coated breeds, e.g. Bichons and Cockerpoos. We don't publish a price list because there are too many breeds (and crossbreeds) to list, but will always quote on request. If a dog is especially mucky, matted, has fleas or is very uncooperative, we may charge extra.


Bath, Brush & Tidy Up - For shorter-haired dogs, this includes a bath, followed by a de-shed with our blaster dryer and grooming tools to remove as much loose hair as possible. We can also tidy up faces, feet and tails. Prices start from £32.


Puppy Groom - We start puppies off gently with a bath and towel dry (plus our dryer if they can cope with it), a tidy up of face, ears, paws and bottom, and a brush through and nail clip. It's all about making the grooming process comfortable... and fun! Pups don't naturally stand for grooming, they have to be taught and if they learn early on that grooming is A Good Thing, it'll be easier to care for their coat at home. Prices start from £30 and Ed is happy to give tips on home grooming, too.


Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning - copy to follow



our clients

Some dogs love being groomed, others merely tolerate it - but most get on well with Ed who has a great rapport with his canine clients and a knack for keeping them happy...

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