COVID19 update - May 10th 2020 - response to PM's statement


Following tonight’s statement from PM Boris Johnson we are, quite honestly, frustrated by the lack of guidance as to whether we should be restarting our grooming business. On paper, we cannot work from home and don’t need to travel to clients on public transport, so in theory there is nothing to stop us grooming. But we have no idea of how we should ‘stay alert’ to an invisible enemy and we still don’t know if our business is deemed essential – or not.

There are many reasons why we don’t feel ready to reopen just yet…

  • The North West currently has the highest number of Covid19 cases of any region in the UK. We have overtaken London and the Midlands in that respect. The virus is still a very real threat in our corner of the country and needs to be taken seriously.
  • Other countries which have relaxed their lockdown rules too soon have seen a resurgence on Covid19 cases and there is nothing to say that will not happen here. We don’t want to rebook cancelled clients only to have to start cancelling again if lockdown is reimposed.
  • Many of our clients are elderly and/or vulnerable. Some have been self-isolating since March. We have a duty of care to them and that includes not putting them at risk. We have lost at least one client – a good friend – to this dreadful disease and nothing we do can bring her back. It’s personal for us.
  • We have some protective equipment on order but don’t yet have everything we feel we need to groom safely – for us or for our clients.

So we plan to wait another week and see what happens – both with government advice and virus statistics. Please bear with us. We know many of your dogs are desperate for a groom, just as we are desperate to start grooming again. We have taken a huge financial hit from this virus but more than that, we miss the sheer pleasure of working with your dogs.

Hopefully, in a week’s time we will have a better picture of what’s happening and can set a sensible date for resuming our business. When we do we will be booking you in in the original order you were booked in, although we will prioritise dogs who need clipping for health reasons, i.e. woolly-coated breeds, and may have to wait a little longer before risking a visit to clients who are shielding for health reasons.

But we will get to you eventually – and in the meantime, we really appreciate your patience and your support.

Stay safe!

Robbi & Ed




Eds & Tails Dog Wash is temporarily closed due to the outbreak of Covid-19.


We made this difficult decision on March 23rd 2020 when the UK government announced lockdown. It is a temporary measure and we do plan to reopen as soon as lockdown eases and/or we feel it is safe to groom. We are reviewing this weekly and planning for the best way to maintain social distancing and keep clients safe when we do return to work. This will mean some changes - and we will keep you informed through this website and our Facebook page as soon as we are ready to resume grooming.


We usually book up several weeks in advance and were booked up to mid May when lockdown was announced. So when we do get the van back on the road we will have a lot of clients to catch up with. We plan to book everybody in again in their original order - this seems the fairest way - and will be in touch as soon as we have the green light to groom.


Please note that we won't be able to take on any new clients until we have caught up with our regulars. Also, we are very aware that some groomers, especially those who are salon- or home-based, may find it harder to get back to work than van-based mobilers, and we will not take on other groomers' clients because they will need the business when they start up again. Loyalty and fair play is important to us.


If you have any questions, do please get in touch.


Stay safe, stay well.


Robbi & Ed


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